Enter Your Address

How Do I Order?

Ordering is as easy as following the onscreen prompts

  1. Input your address for restaurant availablity
  2. Choose the restaurant and food you like
  3. Complete the checkout process by following online prompts
  4. Recieve payment reciept via email
  5. Wait for your food to arrive

Alcohol Purchases

You must be over 21 and present a valid U.S. Drivers License along with the credit/debit card used for purchase. Credit/Debit card and Drivers License must both bear the name of the purchaser.

Passports will not be accepted as documentation.

Volume restrictions apply to all fraternity and Sorority location: No more than (6) 12-ounce bottles or equivalent volume will be delivered to any single location in a day.

The customers Drivers license will be screened at each delivery, including multiple deliveries to the same person.